Transmission Oil Cooler Install

Insure that all fittings are tight and that the cooler is secure. Check fluid level after install and top off if necessary. Then test your handy work with some hard shifts, then check fittings.

Derale Series 7000. Don’t leave home without one!
Back of the box, how exciting is that?
Box top
Cooler,4FT of Goodyear hose,4_4″ metal brackets,Special zipties,4hoseclaps,so…
Installed two of the brackets near the lower grille area.
Drilled 9/64″ holes for the 4 special tiestraps.
Close up of of special tiestrap.
All 4 tiestraps ready for the cooler.
Remove plastic clips with flat head screw driver. Pop out middle section of c…
Remove clip. Arrow points toward front of car.
Remove clip. Arrow points toward front of car.
Remove the 2 10mm bolts for more room to work with the tranny lines.
Premeasure hose length.
Front shot of mounted cooler.
Under car shot of mounted cooler.
Neatly tiestrapped cooler lines.
Sorry for the glare. Picture of return to transmission feed from new cooler.
Sorry for the glare on this one 2. Upper fiting from stock cooler in radiator…
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