(08′ USDM LB): Interior Light Color Change part2of2

Gauge Cluster

Remove the 2 screws and wiring harnesses holding the gauge cluster in. Pull the cluster forward to remove it from the dash.

Remove the one screw and black perimeter tabs from around the front gauge cover. Once you have access to the gauge needles, pull up until they come off. It will fell like they are going to break, but if you pull straight up, you be fine.

Remove the 2 screws and white perimeter tabs from around the back of the cluster. With the back of the cluster exposed, pull up on the left hand module and set it aside. Push the 2 white tabs in the center to the side to release the cluster PCB from the rest of the housing.

Flip the PCB over to expose the LEDs. You notice there are 2 different sized LEDs in the cluster. If you would like to change other LEDs aside from the LCD, speedo, and tach you will need more of the smaller LEDs used for the radio install.

Door Lock Switch

Remove the door lock switch from the center console. Gently lift the tabs on both sides of the switch to remove the ‘guts’.

Cut out the old led. Use it as a template and bend to legs of the new LED to match. Take note of the polarity and insert the new LED. Solder it in place and reassemble the switch.

ESUSE Fog Light Switch

Use a small flathead to pop the cover off of the side of the switch.

Make sure the switch is on the off position (raised). Lift the PCB out of the housing from the harness end. Remove the LEDs noting their polarity. Use the picture below to properly angle the new LEDs. This took a lot of trial and error to get right.

Driver’s Door Window Switch

On the driver side door, lift the arm rest from the handle area.

Pull up until the arm rest is removed.

Pull up from the bottom of the switch assembly and remove the harness to free it from the door.

Disassemble the switch assembly my removing the retaining screws and lifting the PCB off of the harness clip fixture.

Note the polarity of the LED and remove it from the PCB. Insert the new LED and solder it in.

All Done!

Just reassemble your car and enjoy your new lights.



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