$30 Oil Catch Can

parts needed:
$26 – 3/8″ Husky filter (crappy tire / walmart)
$4 – 3/8″ hose fitting connectors
and some teflon tape

after only 500km it has about a teaspoon of oil caught already, crazy eh?

1. Take off engine cover – 4x10mm nuts
2. You have to cut the PCV hose, the one that goes from the back of the vavle cover into the intake manifold near the front. Cut the hose about 4″ down from the back, and re-install it the opposite way, now there is room for the compressor filter away from the motor.
3. Install the Hose fitting connectors into each side of the compressor filter, with the teflon tape,
4. install filter. Make sure it is facing the right direction, the air flows down from the valve cover and gets sucked into the intake so the arrows on the compressor filter should be the same direction.
5. The valve cover Intake hose will have to be removed for the install, and be re-installed over top of the exit hose.
Hope you can understand that Jumble, these pics should help a lot.

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