It is not that difficult to do. If you can change the engine oil you can probably do this. Though the nuts are a little bit tougher to get at. I did not put my car up on jacks but was still able to squeeze my 6 foot 200 pound frame under enough to do all the work.

Keep in mind I am making no GUARANTEES on this work. What you do is at your own risk. If you dont feel you can do the work. THEN DONT.

It is basically a few simple steps.
1. Locate the nuts to be removed.
Drain plug – Viewed from under the drivers side tire and looking back. Notice Big White Sticker.
Name:  drain plug viewed from driver tire.jpg Views: 1240 Size:  320.4 KB
Fill plug – Viewed from top of car looking down from next to air box. Use as a point of reference to find from bottom. Same big white sticker.
Name:  fill plug from top circle.JPG Views: 1209 Size:  72.3 KB

2. Loosen the fill plug FIRST with a 24mm socket. Do not skip this step. If you remove the drain plug first and cant get the fill plug off you are screwed.

3. Loosen the drain plug use same 24mm socket. Place an oil pan underneath. Then completely remove the drain plug. The oil will come gushing out. Now would be a good time to drink a beer (If you are of age) and let the oil drain out.
Name:  oil draining.jpg Views: 1219 Size:  420.6 KB

4. Replace the drain plug and gasket (if gasket is worn replace) and re-tighten to 29 foot-lbs of torque.
Name:  torqueing the nut back on.jpg Views: 1193 Size:  346.1 KB

5. To fill from the top you need to jury rig you a little fill tool. I got about a 3 foot length of vinyl tubing and attached it to the end of my funnel. Then I ran that down to the fill plug from the top.
Name:  filling tool.jpg Views: 1203 Size:  451.9 KB

6. Remove the fill plug and gasket. Insert the tubing into the fill hole. Will require you to lower the tube from the engine compartment and then insert the tube from below.
Name:  filling.jpg Views: 1181 Size:  424.9 KB

7. Add oil to funnel. I used Royal Purple 75w-90 Max Gear Oil, but any brand will do so long as it meets the specs required by Toyota. 2 quarts will do.
Name:  75w90 oil.jpg Views: 1168 Size:  363.7 KB

8. Oil going into car from top.
Name:  filling2.jpg Views: 1172 Size:  320.5 KB

9. Oil going into car from bottom.
Name:  oil going in from bottom of car.jpg Views: 1171 Size:  298.7 KB

10. Once you have put all 2 quarts in, go ahead and remove the tube, but make sure the oil pan is under the fill plug. The car requires 2 quarts but with the little bit of remaining oil from before and the 2 quarts you have added there will be some extra. Wait until it levels off. Don’t worry the correct amount of oil is supposed to be 0.05mm below the fill plug. So once it levels off it should be correct.
Name:  leveling off after fill.jpg Views: 1150 Size:  285.9 KB

11. Put the fill plug and gasket back on and re-tighten to 29 foot-lbs of torque.

Your done. Check for leaks. Drive nicer shifting car.

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