Changing LED backlight

Note: Aside from the A/C controls and automatic shifter lights, all other lights require soldering equipment and skills. If you do not own either or know someone who does, I suggest you pass on this DIY.

This DIY will cover changing the color of the lights in the stock radio, gauge cluster, center console switches, A/C controls, and door switches. I replaced the amber (orange) lights with white. Depending on the color you choose the part numbers will most certainly differ. I suggest you get more LEDs than you need for the job as some may get damaged during the install. I personally smoked at least 7 myself.

Stuff you’ll need

Top: Soldering Iron
Bottom: Cutters, tweezers, very small flathead screwdriver, de-soldering braid, solder, needle nose pliers
Unpictured: Standard size crosshead screwdriver
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3 x Neo Wedge Based LED Bulbs (Type B): For the A/C controls
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1 x Tri-Power 3 LED Bulb: For the Automatic shifter light
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5 x E7104RWC-A – 3MM WHITE LED LAMP: For fog switch, door lock switch, drivers window switch, and A/C push button…ID=EA3528RWC-A
15 x EA3528RWC-A – 3.5X2.8MM WHITE SMD LED: For speedo and tach gauges…D=EPT2012RWF-A
50 x EPT2012RWF-A – 2.0X1.2MM WHITE SMD LED: For the stock radio

Dash Trim

Remove the trim pieces on both sides of the radio and A/C controls by pulling up from the bottom lip.
9328b154b092730fea6ce83d3397ac0e  Changing LED backlight

Continue to pull up until the trim comes completely loose.
382ebf44684bb3bf1c10e7c8e87d48d6  Changing LED backlight

Do the same for the other side. Remember to disconnect the wiring harness(s) to free the trim pieces from the dash.
1acf55ee769ac40780a834f0bb682e43  Changing LED backlight
58a99a75a4aa31287eb95995bef696e8  Changing LED backlight

From the bottom of the gauge trim pull forward and up.
7ee838d9cb9bfe3a453f4c1c0ff04d39  Changing LED backlight

Pull the radio trim forward. The A/C duct should come out with the trim piece.
50632195273a7c33169f65f50de72ef7  Changing LED backlight

Stock Radio

Remove the 4 screws the hold in the radio.
d349717fbfb118bebdd20ae765bbe38b  Changing LED backlight

Pull the radio out.
5f518ab2e4a5b1fa680f3580ba8cd2c0  Changing LED backlight

Disconnect the wiring harnesses from the back of the radio to free it from the dash.
39c4cbdba8ab6a6c5a01c469402c20f4  Changing LED backlight

Find the tabs around the rim of the radio face and use a small flathead or butter knife to gently release them. This may take several tries as some of the tabs my snap back on after you’ve released them. Just be patient or you will break the tabs.
413ff0a68be5074271d503d1594c75d7  Changing LED backlight

Once the front face is removed, lay it face down on a soft surface and remove the screws holding the PCB to the face.

Flip the PCB over to expose the LEDs. Pull the knobs off to expose the 8 LEDs. Again, this is not a “How-To Solder” instructional so I did not document the long and laborious process of swapping all 50 LEDs. Just take your time and note the LED polarity. You’ll be fine. To test the LEDs without reassembling everything, reconnect the radio to the wiring harness, plug the PCB into the deck (you will have to hold it in place) and turn the car on. Turn the parking lights on to test all of the LEDs.
4ab0bc28afaf98b0f21c47977ba9d248  Changing LED backlight

A/C Controls

Now pull the A/C controls out from the top of the assembly.

Remove the black cable assemblies (do one at a time to make sure you do not get them mixed up) to expose the bulbs. Use a small crosshead screwdriver and turn the bulb counter clockwise. Hold the A/C control assembly upside down until the bulb falls out. Insert the new LED bulb and turn clockwise to lock it in place. At this point you will need to quickly flash the parking lights one then off. Since the new LED bulb is polarized, if it’s in backwards, it will blow the fuse. If the light turns on, good job. If not, remove the blub, rotate it counter clockwise 180 degrees and reinstall it. It should work after that. If none of the interior light come on after the test you have blown your fuse. Replace it and try again.
f7f02bd9ad1093d3ea0eec6278202fc2  Changing LED backlight

Remove the center knob assembly from the A/C control bezel. Using a flathead, gently pry the tabs on all 4 sides of the switch to remove the knob from the assembly.
7c5e7057343e885c3ba96bba32576072  Changing LED backlight

Remove the bottom of the switch assembly in the same way to expose the solder points for the LED.
63f5bfc80436667b9ca45b0eaa21366f  Changing LED backlight
After you replace the LED (Taking note of the polarity of course), reassemble the switch by aligning the triangular notches in the knob gears. If these are not aligned properly, the switch WILL BREAK!

Gauge Cluster

Remove the 2 screws and wiring harnesses holding the gauge cluster in. Pull the cluster forward to remove it from the dash.
7c54cf32c7bdbcd06c73fba92730caef  Changing LED backlight

Remove the one screw and black perimeter tabs from around the front gauge cover. Once you have access to the gauge needles, pull up until they come off. It will fell like they are going to break, but if you pull straight up, you be fine.
ee9c3d2c9ba62d30cb28a2d1c77ce769  Changing LED backlight

Remove the 2 screws and white perimeter tabs from around the back of the cluster. With the back of the cluster exposed, pull up on the left hand module and set it aside. Push the 2 white tabs in the center to the side to release the cluster PCB from the rest of the housing.
41115f6cd1f7718b7bcc7072a2b9f1ec  Changing LED backlight

Flip the PCB over to expose the LEDs. You notice there are 2 different sized LEDs in the cluster. If you would like to change other LEDs aside from the LCD, speedo, and tach you will need more of the smaller LEDs used for the radio install.
4c4ae6a319947b46d95912b0faeb49eb  Changing LED backlight

Door Lock Switch

Remove the door lock switch from the center console. Gently lift the tabs on both sides of the switch to remove the ‘guts’.
ad994d2326b824d1da94739ad29e3848  Changing LED backlight

Cut out the old led. Use it as a template and bend to legs of the new LED to match. Take note of the polarity and insert the new LED. Solder it in place and reassemble the switch.

ESUSE Fog Light Switch

Use a small flathead to pop the cover off of the side of the switch.
9aa33135b5fd99edaba310667cbc23af  Changing LED backlight

Make sure the switch is on the off position (raised). Lift the PCB out of the housing from the harness end. Remove the LEDs noting their polarity. Use the picture below to properly angle the new LEDs. This took a lot of trial and error to get right.

Driver’s Door Window Switch

On the driver side door, lift the arm rest from the handle area.
723e20c8e8e637e6a33d4a1fa6d72703  Changing LED backlight

Pull up until the arm rest is removed.
3f7d29520636f258df958953555b3dcf  Changing LED backlight

Pull up from the bottom of the switch assembly and remove the harness to free it from the door.
13baf0f6fa091326e77162a04d35b393  Changing LED backlight

Disassemble the switch assembly my removing the retaining screws and lifting the PCB off of the harness clip fixture.

Note the polarity of the LED and remove it from the PCB. Insert the new LED and solder it in.
4eca5349b486e3df8156c25691a23500  Changing LED backlight
9155dcc7159dd1f9f66f5239338bccd5  Changing LED backlight

All Done!

Just reassemble your car and enjoy your new lights.

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ebcb9810d2ee4c2f09ed7c23439aebbe  Changing LED backlight


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