DeBadge / Remove Emblems

Here is a super simple how-to, to get your rear end looking cleaner..

First step is to CAREFULLY warm up the emblems.. a few seconds is all it needs! A regular hair dryer works fine, but I had my heat gun close by, just be very careful if using one!
Work one side at a time.

Then get out some good ‘ol fishing line. Dental floss will also work, but sometimes it’s not strong enough, and will break easy.

Just get under an edge, and start “sawing” from top to bottom, all the way until you reach the other side.. simple!

There will be a little adhesive left behind from the emblem.

It comes off very easy with your finger nail.

Clean up whatever little bits are left behind, with WD40… Simple.

Repeat steps for other side.

FINISHED LOOK Shine provided by Turtle Wax ICE.

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