Disable DayTime Running Lights How To 2007 Yaris

Tools Needed:
Medium size phillips screwdriver… thats it!

To gain enough room to access the DRL Relay, you need to first remove the steering column plastic cover.. Here’s how!

Now, look under your steering wheel, you will see the height adjustment lever to tilt the steering wheel column, up and down.
Just to the right of the lever, you will see a Silver phillps head screw, remove it.

Now, with your hands on the steering wheel, at 9 o’clock, and 3 o’clock, turn the wheel 1/4 turn to the right. You will see a Black phillips head screw, remove it.

Now turn wheel back to center, and repeat for other side. Turn wheel 1/4 turn to the left. You will see a Black phillips head screw, remove it.

The steering column plastic can now be removed.. pull it down and towards you, it will snap out of place.

Now look back behind the dash, up and over towards the radio, and you will see a black box about the size of a pack of cigaretts with a brown lable, “TOYOTA RELAY ASSY RUNNING LIGHT 82810-52040.”
Depress the white tab, and unhook the plug from the relay box.

Your finished!

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