Discreet Mounting of 12V adaptor

First undo these two screws, then detach a white plastic clip from the back and the panel will come down.
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I then removed the “sunglass holder” glove box located on the bottom left of the steering wheel. From the open position lift up gently and turn to the side.
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Then the A-pillar was removed by a slight prying action with a flathead screwdriver covered with cloth for the top two plastic screws. You can not see the screws as they “unsnap” similar to buttons.
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I then snaked the wires from the desired position (top left corner of the windshield for me) along the A-pillar line, down the hole through the sunglass glove box and to the removed panel.
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I then affixed the 3 port 12v adapter to the removed panel with velcro and tested the devices.
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I reattached the panel above the pedals and took this shot through the Sunglass glove box showing the 12v adapter and the two accessories I have plugged in.
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Snapped the glove box and A-pillar back up and tucked the wire from the stock main plug.
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