Door Handle LED

I am have a 5 Dr yaris, so I will start with the front door and you can get the LEDs from Walmart for $10 (4 of them)

1. open the front door and locate the black stuff which cover the screw and remove it

ce30b82c1df48c106f6ec122c274a668  Door Handle LED

2. unscrew the screw (the screw has something to hold on to it, so no worry it will fall into the door)

b8419d218bf02ef932aae54c400072a9  Door Handle LED

3. after you unscrew it, remove the lock and the handle

85ce14a5754ca7a11cfe095c8f7422cd  Door Handle LED

slide the handle toward the back of the car and remove it

640cfec893632dcdfe349331aecffd8c  Door Handle LED

4. drill a hole in the handle and put your LED in it (I used hot glue to keep the LED in place)

e10f8761ce32da7ba5aa8d5d9c310e5c  Door Handle LED

5. run the wire in the door and through the wire tube into the car

76ad2541f0f51da34247105288fef9cf  Door Handle LED

Now come to the rear door

6. For the rear door, we have to remove the lock in order to get to the screw, so we have to remove the door panel and there are only two screw for the door panel.

8a824cb64624f19108734e8112849af8  Door Handle LED

bc1aa272a01346b21478a3170a9e3122  Door Handle LED

7. remove the cable for the lock and unplug any wire for the power window or whatever u have.

f7cbd1bbfe9ccd77191b89112c3ea3a4  Door Handle LED

b689f7d14b63d3cd11f7b1f68cfd6934  Door Handle LED

cc9e340b952b9d4e967f267bcb7e4798  Door Handle LED

8. after remove the door panel, u can unplug the wire and remove the lock

3e2d0a19e748e9a611ea76c342819446  Door Handle LED

085c62e7fd63821626294d6dbcb1260b  Door Handle LED

9. u will be able to see the screw after u remove the lock

cc151c28956f6be3965c57ae8a2ddb82  Door Handle LED

10. remove the door handle the same way u do for the front door

4ac23a2766361c7806b39a27073e2158  Door Handle LED

c0b50e06cc1dda70a7e1b073b497f468  Door Handle LED

again run the LED wire through the wire tube into the car

Now u can connect your LED wherever u want. I run the wire to the keyless dome light circuit, so when i open the door, this will come on

Hope u guys like it

d83776b357f8a013d3758a227b1a503c  Door Handle LED

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