Fog Light Install

Note: While the stock Toyota instructions or not completely accurate for all generic installations, it was very helpful much of the wiring locations and bumper removal. Please use it as a reference.

The Toyota Guide

This is the box that arrived from an EBay seller in California. It’s a respectable Taiwanese brand with a great OEM fit.

Remove the front bumper by following the Toyota factory instructions:

Layout the fog light harness:

Remove the factory inserts:

My bumper had some paint over spray that I had to peel off:

Slide the fog light assembly into the bumper slots:

Use the included screws to secure the other side of the assembly:

Plug in the passenger’s side fog light:

Route the harness along the front bumper zip tying it to the factory harness along the way:

Secure the harness to the factory harness and plug in the driver’s side fog light:

With a 10mm wrench, loosen the grounding bolt on the driver’s side near the head light:

Attach the fog harness ground wire to the frame and retighten:

Just behind the driver’s side headlight, remove the cover to the fuse box. Route the harness from the bottom up alongside the stock harness:

Once the harness pokes through, pull all of the slack up. Don’t worry we are going to trim it to size:

The switch harness needs to be modified to function with the stock wiring. For the next step we have to cut out the red wire from relay connector. Clip the red wire close connector and pull it out:

I don’t know the “right” way to remove the white plastic connector. I just use a pair of diagonal cutters to snip off pieces until it fell off. When everything is said and done it should look like this:

Cut off the slack from the harness and use a butt splice to attach the new connector. Slide the metal end into either pin1 or pin2 of the connector shown below:

Put the cover back on the fuse box and reattach the front bumper:

OEM fit, gotta love it:

Pull down the hinged panel directly below the steering coulomb:

Remove the 2 screws that hold the panel on:

Remove the 2 screws that hold the kick plate:

Remove the screw near the steering wheel tilt lock lever:
[Picture Not Uploaded]

With the car turned on (power steering make this much easier) turn the wheel to the left and remove the screw:
[Picture Not Uploaded]

Now turn the wheel to the right remove the other screw:
[Picture Not Uploaded]

Turn off the car and pull the lower steering coulomb cover off:
[Picture Not Uploaded]

You will find the “D4” connector on the bottom left of the steering coulomb:

Pull the change cup out by pushing on the side. This will expose the fuse box:

Pull up the driver’s side door rail and kick panel:

Unscrew the shift knob:

Pull up the parking brake and lift out the center switch plate. Push out the upper left blank:

Insert the new fog light switch and set the plate aside for later:

Use a 10mm socket to remove the bolt in the cup holder in the center console:

Lifting from the back of the console, remove the center console assembly exposing the factory harnesses underneath:

Now we must finish modifying the aftermarket harness. Cut the 2 black and 1 solid blue wire as well. The blue/green wire will not be used. Remove the electrical tape holding the end of the harness together. Once everything is pulled apart you should have black, solid blue and solid green wires left in the harness. Use a butt splice to reconnect the 2 black wires. (sorry I forgot to take pictures of the final modified harness):

On the switch side, pull down the harness cover to expose the internal splice of the 2 green wires. Cut the green wire closest to the black wire. You may need to elongate this wire with some scrap wire so it can reach it’s connecting point:

It should look something like this (except the black wire should still be in the harness):

Route the harness alongside the shifter:

Under the carpet and up the dash on the driver’s side.

Along the stock steering wheel harness up to the “D4” connector:

Connect the blue and green wires to pin3 (yellow) and pin4 (white) of the “D4” connector:

Run the remaining black wire to the left most wall and down to the kick panel. I coiled the slack and strapped it to the ODBII port harness in front of the fuse box.

Using a 10mm wrench, loosen the grounding bolt and attach the black ground connector:

Install the relay in the empty socket to the right of the fuse box:
[Picture Not Uploaded]

Disconnect the green/white cable from the automatic shifter assembly:

Attach the green wire (closest to the black wire) that we cut out earlier from the fog switch harness to the green wire in the factory harness:

That’s it! Now that our wiring is done we can test your new fog lights for proper operation and reinstall all of the interior panels. After reassembling the center console, plug all of the harnesses back in:

Push the switch plate back into the center console to complete the job:

We now have fully functional OEM fit fog lights:

Night shots:

Fog indicator light in the instrument cluster:

Green LEDs replaced with white:

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