fog lights

The bulbs that came with them are the stock dim look and I installed some hyperwhites.

Box they came in

Factory style harness

harness out of box

Factory style fog light switch, Factory style plug.

Rear of light shot

fog light out of box shot

Squeeze cilps to remove plastic cover from bumper

Factory covers removed

installing in lamp in Bumper only 1 screw is used per side

Inside bumper shot

Fogs installed

pull up at ebrake handle to remove switch bank

Switch in place of dummy panel

Switch installed

Switch with fogs on. there is no light on the switch when fogs are off not even night illumination

Without flash

With camera flash

Wire Diagram

The only problems I had is there is no instructions and the harness is factory style and all the plugs look factory but there is no place to hook them up. There are 2 wires a large one going to a fuse and to the relay and a small red wire that is 12 volt feed to power the relay. I used the 12 volt outlet (grey wire) for the red wire and a hard line from the battery to the white wire. The way is works is key on and fog switch on you have fogs with or without headlights this is the way I wanted it. I can even have fogs with brights on.
I think the kit is a good quality kit. I got mine on the cheap (cheaper than ebay)

1) On the front harness where can I find the best grounding bolt? I think there is one close to the pass headlamp on the frame rail.

2) What switched 12V source do I hook the red wire up to??
A –Use the grey wire from the 12 volt outlet. It has a plug on it. It is a little hard to reach arround and get to but not to bad. You will have to cut the plug off on the fog harness there is no plug that connecter they have fits into our cars.

3) The wire that the brown thing is connected to, I am assuming that it goes to the battery correct and if so is it + or -?.
A–Large white wire with brown plug, cut it off and put on a connecter to hoof it strait to the battery.
BROWN plug is the same no place to plug it in on a US Yaris.

4) And Lastly where exatly did you mount the relay???
A—I mounted it with a few zip ties behind the glove box.

Also take the wires out of the ac drain tube groment. You will need to extend the wires some into the engine bay. Mount the fog harness from pass to driver (driver being the very end of the harness).

I drilled a hole and picked up a groment off a old Dodge neon radiator mount. Worked great and I dont have to hunt to make it into the engine bay for future wires.

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