Installing Greddy TI-C Exhaust System

This DIY is for installing the awesome Greddy TI-C exhaust system

If youre quick it should take you no more than 1.5 hours to complete this….me, I had a beer or three while removing the stock exhaust so I leisurely completed this in 2 hours….

1. Set emergency brake. Jack the right rear of the car up using factory supplied jack or hydraulic floor jack.

2. Remove right rear wheel.

3. Note how factory stock exhaust is mounted: 2 bolts with nuts attach the exhaust to the pipe coming from the catalytic converter and engine. The exhaust hangs on 2 rubber ‘grommets’ near the back of the car. All these parts are very easy to reach with the tire removed.

4. Using wrench with extension break loose the factory bolt from the nuts. This took a little effort as the nuts had some rust on them (A light direct touch of WD-40 might help you remove yours easier).

5. Soak a sponge or rag with dishwashing soap and water. Apply the wet solution to the rubber grommets to assist in prying these off the exhaust mounting posts. Note the stock exhaust attaches to the grommet with a flared end. (Thanks RSHatchback for this tip!). I chose to keep the rubber grommets on the stock exhaust when I removed it because its easier to take them off after removing it.

6. Take the stock exhaust out, laugh at it and quickly discard.

7. Using a screwdriver gently pry the rubber mounting grommets off the exhaust mounts of the removed exhaust.

8. Greddy supplies a dome shaped flange which fits between the factory pipe and the TI-C. Put it in before mounting the Greddy.

9. Return the 2 rubber mounting grommets back onto the mounting posts on the car. This is very easy.

10. Mount the Greddy first by inserting the 2 hangers into the rubber grommets then matching up to the factory pipe with the 2 bolts and nuts. Tighten but dont overtighten making sure the compression spring becomes secure on the bolts.

11. Ensure you have enough clearance between:

your bumper and the Greddy tip (dont want any melted plastic)

The ground and your new Greddy.
If your car is lowered you’re gonna have clearance problems over bumps and potholes.

12. Turn the key on and let er rip!! Man does this thing sound GREAT. Mine had the silencer already removed and I dont plan on putting it back on.

Deep deep idle tone. Great acceleration tone throughout the RPMs. Simply amazing…My Yaris no longer sounds like a sewing machine.

I hear headers and intakes also enhance the sound of the Greddy. Ill have to check those out too now I suppose!

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