Liftback Intermittent Wipers via Stalk Replacement

Parts Required: Wiper Stalk with intermittent dial:

2008+ Highlander
2008+ Prius
2008+ RAV4
2008 RX330
2008 RX400H

Looks like:

2007-2008 Highlander
2005-2007 Prius
2006-2007 RAV4
2004-2007 RX330
2005-2007 RX400H

Looks like (This is one I purchased off ebay from an 07 Prius for $50):

The difference between the two is that the first one has symbols and the second has text on it.

These sell for about $150 new from the dealer or $118 from

I purchased mine used off ebay for $50 from:
I highly recommend them, as the part I received was pristine.

It has also been reported that the wiper stalk from the 09 Matrix / Vibe will work as well. It is part number 84652-0E050.

Tools required:
#2 Phillips screwdriver
1/4″ Flat blade screwdriver


Rotate the steering wheel all the way to either side, and remove the two screws:

Remove the screw by the steering wheel tilt lever:

Squeeze the lower steering column cover, by the seam between it and the upper, and gently pull down to remove it.

Remove the upper steering column cover by pulling up in the center and then sliding it towards you.

Remove the two connectors on the bottom of the wiper stalk:

Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left until it locks.

With the small flat blade screwdriver press in on the retaining tab on the wiper stalk and pull the stalk to the right to remove it.

Slide the new stalk in until the tab latches.

Reconnect the two connectors.

Unlock the steering wheel.

Slide the upper steering column cover into place and snap it down onto its mounting tab.

Slide the lower steering column cover into place and snap it into the upper cover.

Replace the three screws.

Wait for it to rain, and enjoy the intermittent front wiper!

the new stalk has a low and high setting for the rear wiper. Only the high will work, as the Prius and the other vehicles have a rear delay module, which the Yaris does not have.

I purchased a used one of the 85940-47010 (Prius rear wiper relay module) to experiment with. Additional wiring is required from the stalk to the rear wiper to take advantage of the module (as it is wired on the Prius).

It may be possible to mount the module in the Yaris steering column instead, but it will require connecting to some pins on the Prius stalk that are empty on the Yaris harness (i.e. I’ll have to find the correct pins to insert into the connector).

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