Liftback Rear speaker installation tutorial

First, look at the tabs’ diagram so you will know what you will encounter when pulling the panel away from the car’s body. You don’ need to remove the rear seat or the weatherproof trim to pull the panel apart, just use patience, common sense and have a beer next to you and the process will be painless.

Keep this in mind, in the middle of the panel there is a pressure tab blue in color that is not pictured in the diagram; be careful not to break it. Place one hand on the inside of the panel to feel the tabs that you can’t see; don’t just yank the panel off. Once the panel is off you will see that there is a lot of room for even a sub woofer in that space, you can use several sizes of speakers on the stock location, as long as you have the appropriate brackets, you might have to drill new holes for some applications. I used the brackets provided with my Alpine speakers and had to drill three new holes for the new brackets. Since the stock speakers have a special connector you might have to cut the wires. No biggie; once you see what the stock speakers are made of you will know you’ll not use them again!
Do this process in reverse to reinstall the panel and there you go! Enjoy the new sound!!!!

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