Megan Header Install

Very easy to install, and with the correct tools, it can be installed within 30 minutes, to an hour taking your time.

First, here’s how the two compare.

Lets get started…

First remove the (4) 10mm bolts holding the heat shield to the stock header.

Next, jack up the car, and support it with jack stands at all four corners.

With a 3/4″ drive rachet, 12″ extension, and a 15mm socket, remove the (2) bolts holding the collector to the header. Crawl out from under the car, and under the hood remove the last (3rd) 15mm bolt holding the support bracket to the bottom of the header. Discard these bolts. You will be using the (3) replacement studs, washers, and lock washers included with the Megan header.

Next a 1/4″ drive rachet, 12mm socket, and a 12mm box wrench will be used to remove the (2) nuts and (3) bolts holding the stock header to the block.

Unplug the O2 sensor, and remove stock header.

Remove O2 sensor from header bung, and install onto Megan header.
Install new donut to Megan header, and new gasket to block.

Install the (2) included studs on the collector. They will only thread on one way.

Slip the header inside the car, and align the studs to slip into the collector. Snug up the collector with the included washers, lock washers and nuts (17mm). Install 3rd stud, washer and lock washer into support bracket.. sung up only for now.

Re-install the (2) nuts and (3) bolts to hold the new header to the block. Torque to specs. Now tighten the support bracket and collector nuts.

Be sure to route O2 sensor correctly onto the metal hold bracket. This will keep the wires from touching the header and melting.

Enjoy it for a few hundred miles, then re-torque to specs again.

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