Changing LED backlight

This DIY will cover changing the color of the lights in the stock radio, gauge cluster, center console switches, A/C controls, and door switches. I replaced the amber (orange) lights with white. Depending on the color you choose the part numbers will most certainly differ. I suggest you get more LEDs than you need for the job as some may get damaged during the install. I personally smoked at least 7 myself.

Projector/HID (Liftback)

“Tools needed: 10mm socket
14mm socket (I think for negative battery terminal)
Ratchet (1/4″ drive works fine)
Phillips screwdriver
Flat head screwdriver
Masking tape

Change Your Interior Light Grey Panels to Black

Items you need to gather before starting:

~ 1 package of RIT Fabric Dye -Black
~ Part/parts to be dyed
~ 1 old pot to dye part/parts in
~ Plastic spoon or old spoon
~ 1 old pair of tongs or do like I did and use a hanger I had leftover from the drycleaner
~ Paper towels
~ The “A-OK” to move forward from your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend/mother/father and the list could go on for days. Just make sure your don’t ruin the good stuff in the process

Stealth Garage Door Opener Button

So, I was tired of keeping up with my garage door opener. I had stashed it in my driver’s side glove box for the last year with some velcro, but i’m too lazy to keep opening up the glove box to open the garage. So, I dismantled my garage door opener to see how it works and see if I can rig up a nice, stock looking button on my door to use. It was easier than I thought it would be…