Power Outlet Mod

Ok, one thing that has bothered me since I got my Yaris is the fact that it only had one power outlet. On top of that it was located behind the e-brake lever which made it a pain to plug anything in. I decided to install a couple more 12v outlets so I can plug in my IPOD and the window mount for my nav system. I also wanted them to be hidden. I decided to install these outlets in the compartments on either side of the AC switches. The whole thing only took me about two hours. I was surprised how easy the console pieces came out. Most of them snap in and I only had to remove 6 screws.

Here are the tools I used.
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Here is one of two outlets I got from the local auto parts chain.
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I pulled the center console and located the wires for the existing outlet which I tied the other two wire into.

I measured the diameter of the outlet which is a hair under 7/8″
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I then figured out the best place to install the outlets. This was tough because there is other things behind these compartments
Here is the drivers side outlet.
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Here is the passenger side outlet. You can barely see the aux port opening on the right.
df4716fd2839febf92e1018dc90bfb60  Power Outlet Mod

Here is the backside of the passenger side compartment with the driverside removed. Luckily there was enough space between the two for an outlet to be installed.
aceb7efa0396036d90aee518abce0c13  Power Outlet Mod

Now I have a spare outlet for other things like my cell phone charger. Yay!
c6180ca0cab21c36d842913676b58d25  Power Outlet Mod

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