Projector/HID (Liftback)

“Tools needed: 10mm socket
14mm socket (I think for negative battery terminal)
Ratchet (1/4″ drive works fine)
Phillips screwdriver
Flat head screwdriver
Masking tape

1.) Disconnect negative (-) wire from battery
2.) Lift vehicle (just the front end or the whole car)
3.) Apply masking take to bumper and fender (prevents paint from getting scratched)
4.) Remove these bolts from the front of the inner fenders with 10mm socket(1 on each side)”

“5.) Remove bolts from underside holding the bumper and underpanels on. I think theres about 6 or 8 of them.”

e1224bfa7da284c41abe7a2cf13bb67c  Projector/HID (Liftback)

“6.) Remove 6 push rivets from the top of bumper under the hood. Push down in the middle of them and pull the whole thing out.”

800000d8d8d40f3e6dae0e9844d5c97f  Projector/HID (Liftback)

“7.) Pull the sides of the bumper outwards to release. It should now look something like this:”

“8.) Headlight removal. There are 3 10mm bolts holding each headlight on. 2 on top and 1 on the side and unplug 2 OEM connectors. If you have eyelids remove them at this time.”

d97dab28721aee8c0ec06998f4d451a7  Projector/HID (Liftback)

“9.) Remove all factory wiring and bulbs from each headlight and the 3 screw from the edge of the back of the headlight.”

b95b6781af1c79d993a71d4f73e0ac54  Projector/HID (Liftback)

“10.) You should end up with this:”

“11.) Remove the screw holding the headlight bulb clip. (You will not need these)” Brian’s pic…

93078598d3a12ccd27f6d1d8536eab9f  Projector/HID (Liftback)

12.) Time to bake the headlights. I only set my oven to 215 and preheat for 10 minutes and let the headlights sit in there for 4 min and that was enough time to pry it open. all ovens are different so you have to decide how long you want to put them in there for. one of the headlights actually melted in the back a little bit after only being in there for four minutes. so keep an eye on it. Place the headlight on a cookie sheet and put aluminum foil on the sheet. Remember to use gloves when handling the headlights when pulling them out of the oven, and then prying them open.

You will need a flat head screw driver to pry these open after immediately pulling it out of the oven..

37eaa322a9d9b2afb6cc21102bb43111  Projector/HID (Liftback)

13.) Once you bake and pry open, and you should have this. I also pulled out the existing silicone and will reseal with the silicone that was provided.

432ed8b451ea5f9b2fc573fc84bd14b4  Projector/HID (Liftback)

7d84ced996fbda540830920c4b5e3d2d  Projector/HID (Liftback)

14.) IMPORTANT!! This was not mentioned in camell’s or Brian’s posting about the headlights, but the projector was unable to fit into the existing hole of the headlight housing.

15.) Luckily I test fitted before painting, and because I did so, I then proceeded to use the dremel to open up the hole a little bit more to be able to fit the projector in.

2f78e90dc35a89266b03fc70a6741e95  Projector/HID (Liftback)

16.) After dremelling out the hole on both headlight housings to fit the projector, i proceeded to clean the housing and prep for paint. Even though I removed the existing silicone, I wanted to tape this section off so there wouldn’t be any spray paint that might act funny to the new silicone I will be using to reseal the lens to the housing.

c88e9682c648499568ae22080d6f3432  Projector/HID (Liftback)

“17.) Remove reflector housing from lens. Sorry no pics”

“18.) This next part is up to you. You can paint any color. I used SEM satin black. Does not need to be a high temp paint”

“19.) Scuff sand all chrome parts of the headlight housing and reflector housing with 600 grit or higher sandpaper. Don’t forget to pop out the amber reflector before you paint the relfector housing. You can use a flat head screwdriver. Be careful when doing so; so you don’t chip the reflector.

20.) Paint and allow to dry.” Brian’s pics..

511176beeffd857599a17c0e8ef92067  Projector/HID (Liftback)

45240bae5e37a8c321ea21a2aa1569bf  Projector/HID (Liftback)

21.) IMPORTANT!!!!!! After putting the projector in the housing, I realized that there is NOT enough thread to be able to thread the two rings, washer, and H4 ring. This was NOT a problem that was mentioned in Camell’s or Brian’s threads. As you can see, this is with just the two rings, before you put on the lock washer and final H4 ring (which holds the bulbs down).

22.) There is clearly not enough threading. So I decided to go without the lockwasher, but still use the two rings and the final H4 ring ( which holds the bulb down ).

23.) However, you can see that where the CCFL wires are suppose to come out, the H4 ring would pinch those wires.

24.) I did not like that idea, so I decided to use a dremel to notch out an opening for the CCFL wires. I marked where I would be doing the cut..

Here is the notch made, and you can see the wires fit good now.

9f1638214478b97f10859f26265d711b  Projector/HID (Liftback)

25.) Because I was only using the two rings and not the lock washer, I decided to make my own spacer that would hold the bulb down securely when I put the H4 ring on.

This is my spacer I made…

26.) This is the spacer sitting in place..

27.) This is what it will look like when the H4 ring is screwed on last. You can see the rubber spacer in the middle.

bfe5715b59e8b7024b78d87229353ca3  Projector/HID (Liftback)

28.) Now that the projector is sitting securely in the housing, I gather my parts.

456f74b9681414bc898b11d64174edb7  Projector/HID (Liftback)

*You can see that I made a small chip in the amber reflector. This was when trying to take it out earlier before spray painting the reflector housing.

741d680629dcb7364aeac230a51c2fbf  Projector/HID (Liftback)

c19edf07371269be31827cd8c6aa52c9  Projector/HID (Liftback)

29.) Put the reflector housing carefully back in the lens. Make sure you know how to put it in, so you can do it in one motion. This will allow you to not scratch the paint on the reflector housing.

0df513fd1520d30d3e5a70cf29ecb124  Projector/HID (Liftback)

30.) Now apply the sealent that was provided.

31.) After putting on the lens, you should have something like this….

d99c99bbddfa20129877df429172f191  Projector/HID (Liftback)

645cc811830b5efe28a969dbfcde633c  Projector/HID (Liftback)

32.) Re insert factory grommit into back of headlight. Brian’s pic…

f7dd2eed5113cb1c3073ba1150f00cd3  Projector/HID (Liftback)

“33.) The HID harness with the long power wire goes on the passenger side.
34.) Run the single red power wire to the battery and attached them to the positive (+) post. I ran the passenger side along the firewall and the drivers side behing the battery.” Brian’s pics…

36f4066d1462723c07f238fc01769cdf  Projector/HID (Liftback)

“35.) Passenger side. Attach the single black ground wire to the strut tower (make sure to grind down to bare metal) and mount the black relay box on top of the ground wire utilizing the threaded hole already there. The bolts in the kit fit perfectly.” Brian’s pic…

Because my nitto torque damper used the screw hole that Brian used; I decided to put my slim ballast and black relay box here….

aa1dd5ef299a2a682b2ea1801291bc6e  Projector/HID (Liftback)

This is where I installed them on the driver’s side..

ca7183c307415bb47bf778c105c62546  Projector/HID (Liftback)

“36.) Driver’s side single black gound wire. There is already a ground wire, by I think its the airbag sensor, you can use.” Brian’s pic….

34e36ba932a521345e872d71d95dc71f  Projector/HID (Liftback)

“37.) Plug all the other wires together, except the single red and black wires with no terminal and bare wire showing. ”

38.) Now for the halos. The single red and black wires with no terminals. Use the provide wire splicers or you can solder. Attach the black wire to the white wire w/black strip (-) coming out of the connector for the city driving lights (pic shown below) and the red wire to the green wire (+) next to it.

City driving light that you splice into for the halos..

The two pictures below only show the black wire solder’d/shrinkwrapped to the white wires with black stripes. Don’t forget to solder/shrinkwrap the red wire to the green wires..

39.) I cut the wires that went to the city driving light bulb that was below the projector. When I had the lights turned on, the halogen color really took away from the projector’s light and made it look quite ugly. Here is the bulb that I snipped… (brown plastic)

22b9cc1ea4dbda089d869259f7cd310c  Projector/HID (Liftback)

“40.) Bolt the headlight assemblies back on with the 3 bolts each and reinstall the bumper.”

Horrible pics, but gives you an idea:

a3af92229c9359d349a0b502ab3a84dd  Projector/HID (Liftback)

e561c538dab5af657d09d90b20c6d8bc  Projector/HID (Liftback)

60dfb666ade4ad34096acf75bf6ee226  Projector/HID (Liftback)

78c80f07c1257b6d71f2acd5f376aacd  Projector/HID (Liftback)

cdd63ef4535f91e88cd1d4164ed21c31  Projector/HID (Liftback)

3a69d3ac07f2f9c67e37181b62df2b46  Projector/HID (Liftback)

28e3397ddd75d61fe59b5f81575d8549  Projector/HID (Liftback)

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