Rear Drum Brake Adjustment/Parking Brake

Make sure you have all the proper tools before you start. You can use your lug nut removal tool and floor jack

that came with your car but it makes more hassle removing everything from your car and putting it back plus its not

as efficient as using a real floor jack and breaker bar.

Now that you have all your tools park your car on the most level surface you can find and leave the parking brake


Position the floor jack directly under the lift point. If you look under the car you will see 2 notches where the

jack can sit securely.

Jack up the rear of the car whichever side you decide you want to start first. Make sure the tire is not completely

off the ground as the tire will spin when you try to remove the lug nuts.

Using your breaking bar and socket turn it counter clock ways with a jerking motion and spin it about a full 360 turn

to make sure they are properly loose. Once this is done now you can jack up the car till the wheel is about 1 inch

off the ground.

Now that the wheel is off you may have trouble removing the drum. This is where the screwdriver comes in. You can

utilize the 2 screw holes and insert 2 bolts and ratchet them in till the drum pops off. More than likely though

since the drum is loose and you are going to make it tighter this should not be necessary. Just take your

screwdriver and insert it in between the drum and backing plate and twist and it should pop off. If it dose not come

off try in opposing sides slowly till it comes out.

Once the drum is removed clean out all the dust inside the drum and wash out dust on your brake parts with plain

water from a garden hose or spray bottle. I don’t recommend any chemical cleaners as it will clean off the

lubrication grease between the backing plate and brake shoe and to re lube it will require another DIY. Simple water

and letting it air dry will suffice. Once everything has dried put the drum bake on securely and rotate it

clockwise. It should spin approx 360 degrees and stop. The more rotations will help you gage how much you will

need to adjust it till it rotates only 360.

Now locate the star wheel. It is at the upper portion right below the wheel cylinder. Take your screwdriver again

and push it forward toward the backing plate 2 clicks. Put the drum back on and spin it. Take it off and adjust 2

clicks more. Keep doing this till you get satisfactory results. Perfect adjustment you should hear the brake shoe

ever so slightly rubbing against the inside of the drum as you spin it and it should fall short of a full spin.

Once you get this result you are done.

Put the drum back on and the wheel back in place. Screw on all the lug nuts hand tight. Then while the wheel is

off the ground still take your breaker bar and jerk it clockwise while holding the wheel. Making sure they are

decently snug. Then lower the vehicle down and use your torque wrench and torque all 4 nuts down to 76ft pounds.

Repeat same procedure on the other wheel. Once you are done test your parking brake. It should feel firm and go

up about 3 clicks. Now go out and enjoy your better feeling brake pedal, decreased stopping distance and properly

operating parking brake.

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