Replacing stock deck

(don’t remove the gauges – step 5)

(don’t remove a/c control panel)

Before you start, disconnect the battery ground.

Remove left side trim (start and bottom and work up):

Same for the right:

Unplug both and set aside:

Remove instrument gauge trim:

This is what the clips look like:

Remove the ventilation trim (start at top):

Ready to remove stock radio:

Remove 4 screws, pull out stock radio and unplug:

This connector will not be used (for iPod):

I used the metra smart harness (no soldering):

Put new head unit in metra kit:

Plug in new head unit (antenna too):

Install with 4 screws:

Replace gauge and ventilation trim:

Plug in and reinstall left and right trim:

Install head unit face plate:

Reattach battery ground and enjoy!:

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