RunStop Rear disc brake conversion

Not really a DIY, but a documentation of the steps to install the RunStop rear disc brake conversion kit. It’s really simple!

1) Obviously, get the car up on stands and remove the wheels. I don’t have much pics at this point, but you then need to remove the 4 bolts that hold the wheel hub to the suspension, and remove the hub, as well as the drum brake plate. You also need to clamp shut the brake fluid line, as it will need to be disconnected (you can see this in the 3 photos below), and remove the handbrake line, as well as the plug for the wheel speed sensor (only if you have ABS, I believe)

2) With all that removed, your car should look like this:
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3) Now we reassemble, with the new brake bracket plate (note the small drum brake shoes on the inside, those are still used for the handbrake), followed by the wheel hub:

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This, by the way, is the stock drum brake plate:

Name:  DSC00207.JPG Views: 664 Size:  192.9 KB

4) Now the fun part, the new discs and calipers!
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First slip the disc over the lugs. To hold it in place for the next few steps, you can screw on just 2 of the lug nuts (if they don’t screw in all the way you should find some kind of spacer, or just use a regular nut).

5) The caliper is then positioned and secured from the back side with the two black bolts provided (not shown, but you can see the holes through which they go in the next picture)

6) The pads are inserted, then held in place with the long black bolts, inserted from the back. Then, use the metal spring clips (not pictured) to hold the pads in place.
Name:  DSC00212.JPG Views: 672 Size:  155.1 KB

7) Next we need to do the lines. The handbrake line, if I remember correctly, just screws back on at the back of the brake holding plate. For the brake calipers, the kit includes a new bendable metal line, which you must shape to fit, and connect back to the main brake line on the car chassis:

Name:  DSC00214.JPG Views: 684 Size:  174.3 KB

And that’s preeetty much all there is to it… just repeat on the other side. Don’t forget to take off the clamp, and bleed the brakes after installation.

The results:
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The rotors are 285mm if I recall correctly, so this requires a 15″ wheel at the minimum. They do come with slotted discs (mine were prototypes so not slotted), and unpainted calipers (so you can paint them any color you want, if you want)

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