Side Marker Bulb Swap

Yes, its true.. your side markers on your Yaris Liftback are a SEALED housing.

Here’s how to swap in any color bulb or LED replacement.

Step one, remove the side marker from the fender.
Grab it, and slide it foward, while pulling the rear out towards you, away from the fender. Side marker will pop right out. This step is also outlined in your owners manual.. go figure.

Tools needed.
New hack saw blade – used to cut housing. Do not use a Dremel or other electric device, as you will cut to far, and ruin your housing.
Electrical tape or Hot Glue Gun, or both – used to seal the two halfs back together.
Sand paper – used to clean up halfs after being cut, before sealing up.

Time to cut.
Cut where shown in picture.. about the middle of the housing. Start cutting slowly, as you are only cutting through maybe 1/8″ of the plastic housing.
You will know when you have cut far enough. You will feel increased resistance, as then you will be trying to cut the metal of the bulb socket.

Housing seperated.

Rough edges from the cutting, these will be sanded a bit in the next step.

Sanded both halfs.
Doing this to clean it up a bit, and to give whatever glue/sealer you choose a “bite” into the plastic.

Insert your replacement bulb of choice. Mine happends to be a 194 HiLEDS led.

This next step is all your choice!
You can attach the two halfs by lightly tacking the two together with hot glue, then once cool, tightly wrap with electrical tape.
There will be MANY different ways owners will use to seal theirs up, simple electrical tape, tightly wound a good 10 times or so is more then enough though. The two halfs become a strong connection again, and will not allow water or moisture to get inside… also the easiest route.

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