Thai Vios Sports Sedan Mesh Grill

I forgot how long it took to install, but I just remember it longer than it should have since I ended up cutting myself.

Tools needed:
- Philips screw driver
- Box knife
- Dremel (will make it easier, I didn’t use one tho since I didn’t have one)
- Water (might get dehydrated)
- Ratchet wrench with (I forget what size sockets)


Step one:
Jack the front of the car up. Unbolt these bolts from the bumper in the wheel-wells.

Step two:
Remove these pop-in/suicide screws (what ever they’re called) from the top of the bumper. I used a thin flat head and gently pried them off in a circular fashion.

Step three:
*Read text in pic*

Step four:
*Read text in pic*

Step five:
*Read text in pic*

Not a step, but just showing the damage that the concrete block on the freeway caused:

Showing the locations of the clips (except the side clips)

Step six:
*Read text in pic*

Step seven:
*Read text in pic*

Step eight:
Gently remove stock grill off of the bumper.

Comparison pics:

*Top is the mesh, bottom is the OEM one*

*Also note how the mesh grill doesn’t have the screw mounts that the OEM one has*

Step nine & 10:
I shave down the tabs on the mesh grill since they were waaaay toooo big to fit in the slots. I also made some of the slots bigger to accommodate the tabs. I used a box knife to do all of this, but I think a dremel will work wonders on the tab. Using some force/coercing, push the tabs into the slots.
*****************IF YOU’RE USING A BOX KNIFE OR SOMETHING SIMILAR, BE REALLY CAREFUL. I cut my thumb in the process, and that took some time to clean up and bandage off.***************

Showing the trimming on the tabs and the slots.

Be careful to not too much force, or else the tab might snap.

It started to rain a little (and started to get dark), so…

Step 11:
*Read the text in the pic*

Step 12 & 13:
Put the bumper back on, and screw in all the screws, and push in the pop-in screws. If you have foglights, plug them back in before you put the bumper back in. *I was pressured in time, so I didn’t take pics of this*

Step 14:
Step back and look at the difference it makes.

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