Undercoating Your Inner Wheel Wells

One of the things that bug’s me about our cars, is the very noticable exterior color overspray in the inner wheel wells.
Now maybe because I own a Polar White, its a little more noticable then other exterior colors, but all the same, it needed fixing.

One can was enough to do all four wheel wells, and there was no need for heavy or second coats. One pass covers very well, and the spray of the coating was very easy to control.

I took my time, and removed one wheel at a time, being careful not to Undercoat any brake lines, plastics, springs, shocks, etc. Again, the control from this can’s nozzel made the job very easy to get in and around tight areas.

Starting with the front drivers side.. BEFORE

Lots of overspray as you can see, and just ugly when looking at a side profile of the car IMO.

Cleaned the area up well, and Undercoated the front.. AFTER

Ah, much better!

Now moving onto the rear.. Before & After

I am letting the Undercoating “cure” overnight, as I did not need to drive it after I did everything today.
If you can go 12 hours, you should be fine. It was still a bit tacky after about 2 hours, and I didnt want to risk kicking up road grime, and having it stick to the fresh surface.

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