Yaris LB Halo Led Projector Headlights

1. Cut the cable for the LEDs about 4 inches down the wire from the grey socket thingy they go into… This is so you can splice the halo wires into here.. Next you want to strip the wires, on all four of the cut wires, using a wire stripper tool so that about a half inch of the bare wire is exposed. At this point you may want to trim the halo wire as it is unnecessarily long.. Strip it as well so that bare wire is exposed.

2 Once you have the wires stripped (you should have six wires.. two for the halos, two from the leds, and two from the led/ parker socket) you want to get an electrical connector joint, which is blue in my pictures.. I picked mine up from the local hardware store.

3. Next you want to wind the black halo wire around the black LED wire and likewise with the white ones.. This provides the connections.. Next put this now one ended dual wire into the connector with the parker sock wires in the other end of the connector and crimp with pliers..

4. Tug on the connection to make sure both ends of the connector are secure and then wrap in electrical tape to keep dust etc out..

5. You now have halos that will turn on with the LEDS…Tidy up as you want with zip ties or more electrical tape..


Installation of lights on car..

1. Obviously you want to open your hood to get at the lights.. But next you want to take out the little black plastic screw type things.. in total there should be 6 of them.. four on the top.. and one in each wheel well.. You also want to remember to undo the hood pop up device as this also holds the hood down.. Then there are five or so screws under the front bumper which you need to unscrew and keep in a secure place..

2. Next you want to pull the front bumper off… the sides need to be pulled out a little to release them so they can go forward.. I didn’t fully take off my bumper… rather just got it so it was leaning forward a bit.. Remember that there are two clips.. one on each side at the bottom of the bumper.. these need to be slid sideways first..

3. Then you need to unscrew the three bolts holding the headlight assembly onto the frame.. there is one at the top, one at the front under where the bumper was, and one on the side where the bumper was..

4. You want to disconnect the light plugs as well. The indictor light you need to twist the white socket and this will remove the whole assembly and bulb, which is to be installed in the new lights later.. You should have to undo three sockets in total… a brown one which is for your parkers, the indictor light, and the main bulb socket. You light should now be able to be removed without any wires connected to it..

5. From the back of the stock light you want to remove the parker assembly as you need this for the new parkers.. then you want to remove the bulb and this is where the new parkers slot into.. Slot the new parkers into where the parker bulb was and connect this to the brown parker socket… connect the main light socket with the three prongs as you normally would do… and then put the indicator assembly into the top hole and twist.. It takes a bit of force but it can be done.

6. Then it is best to turn on your lights to check if they work before screwing everything back together..

7. If everything is fine then just put the light assembly back in by doing up all the bolts half way, push the new light assembly back and tighten the top screw first… this I find gives you the best, but still not perfect, fit.

8 Repeat this with on the other side of the car and then put the bumper back on. You may notice the little black screw type things don’t fit as well into the point where the bumper connects to the light… use a zip tie for this connection to make it secure.. Bobs your uncle you now have new lights..



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